Worming your Dog

This may already have been performed by the breeder/sanctuary before you got the puppy. There are many products available through pet shops and supermarkets consisting of tablets, liquids and spot-ons but unfortunately a lot of these are not very effective and only have a small spectrum of activity, so might only kill one type of worm.

As a result we recommend you seek advice from our vets or nurses and obtain a trusted product from ourselves with the professional advice that goes with our products.

The most common worms are roundworms (Toxocara canis) and tapeworms (Dipylidium caninum, Taenia and Echinococcus). Dogs can also get hookworms, whip worms, heart worms.

Puppies are often infected with worms before they are born through the placenta and also get infected with worms through feeding on the milk from their mother.

Worming can be performed from 2wks of age.
2-12 weeks old – worm every 2wks
12-24 weeks – worm once monthly
>24 weeks – worm every 3 months
(unless your dog eats a lot of slugs/snails or you have children <3yrs old, we then recommend to keep worming at a once monthly interval)

The reason for the last point in relation to your children is that some worms are zoonotic, ie. They can pass from animals to humans and cause disease. Young children are very hands on with their new puppy and puppies love to lick faces and so children are more at risk and also have no hygiene skills yet. The main risk is from a worm called Toxocara which can cause blindness in children. There have been many cases reported in the North West.

We offer a free weigh and worm service within all our branches by trained nurses, these are free of charge, you only pay for the product. This is important as your puppy grows as the dose might alter.

Look out for our promotional offers on worming!!


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